I was raised in Bergen County, NJ in the suburbs of New York City and was introduced to music at a very early age by my mother, who was born in France and had a very natural musical talent. She taught me my first song to sing before I went into kindergarten - a French song called Frere Jacques. She also taught me how to play the song on the piano with one finger. I guess my first semi-professional job was at the tender age of three when I sang at my sister Maureen’s wedding. There was no way the bandleader was going to get his microphone back until I had finished! He was really a good sport about it though. The family said that’s when they really knew I had the musical fire in my belly. Anyway, it made for some memorable pictures.


When I was in my mid teens I entered a contest for young artists and played guitar and sang an original composition I wrote called Confusion. I was chosen as a finalist and performed at the Garden State Arts Center (PNC Arts Center) in Holmdel New Jersey- just a guitar, a stool and me. I’ll never forget how big that stage felt. It left me with an intense love and awe of the stage and the energy that a live audience can transfer to an artist. It was quite a moving experience.

I attended Montclair State College and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in voice and piano. I also played French Horn in the band. Since then I have studied voice with Adrian Angel and Marco Rosales, piano with Gary Kirkpatrick, Rio Clemente and Armen Donellian. I also studied musical theater at Julliard in New York City.

I’ve been a member of and led many different working bands through the years. These experiences have provided me with the opportunity to sing all types of music: classical, folk, jazz, R&B, top 40, pop and rock. I also work without a band as a solo artist performing as a vocalist & pianist. I created the “VSOP” ensemble in which I am the sole proprietor, contractor and vocalist/pianist. The VSOP ensemble has performed at all types of private functions, from weddings to political conventions.

My all-original CD “Suburban Soul” was my first project as a producer, singer/songwriter and keyboardist. This was truly a labor of love. This project gave me the opportunity to become a member of ASCAP and start my own music publishing company, Boyron Music.

My musical and compositional influences come from every genre of music - Beethoven for his intensity, Ella Fitzgerald for her seamless vocal transitions and stunning style, the Beatles for their exceptional use of melody, the Manhattan Transfer and Take Six for their intricate use of harmonies, Joan Baez for her purity, Billy Joel for his ability to blend words and music into unforgettable stories, Jimi Hendrix for his pioneering spirit, passion and commitment to his own unique sound, and countless others that have made their mark on my ears at one time or another.

I love all music and my writing reflects a marriage of many styles and influences. When someone asks me “What is your favorite song?” or “What is your favorite music?” my answer is that I love it all, as long as it makes me feel something.
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