Suburban Soul is Dee’s first offering as a singer, songwriter, keyboardist and producer. All of the music and lyrics on the Suburban Soul CD have been composed, arranged and produced by Dee. She also produced and published the CD for her own company, Boyron Music. Dee brought together an extremely talented gathering of performers for this recording. The musical performances are a blend of the lush sweetness of adult contemporary ballads, the excitement of R&B swing and the delectable pulse of smooth jazz.  The lyrics tell the stories of our lives.  The style is unique, the style is Suburban Soul. As Dee put it: “This was truly a labor of love. The concept for Suburban Soul came to me while I was trying to categorize my music. What I found was that I belong in my own category, and I call it Suburban Soul.”  

“Start my mornin’ wake up at five - get in the car and drive - First stop is coffee and a “Micky D” - It’s no good for me - Turn on the radio to start my day - but the thing won’t play - And I know, as I go, on my way.... ”


Il Mio Bellissimo

Suburban Soul

Love Never Changes

Broadband Connection Recommended

...a long commute, stressful working conditions and a harried urban environment. The reward all is to come home to some “Suburban Soul”. Funky, swingin’ blues with subtle rhythmic surprises giving an energetic impetus to vocal and piano expression.  


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